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Tru-Live™ Phone Answering Service
No Recordings Ever. Always a live person answering your phone in your office name. Always.

24/7 Live Answering
In Every Plan
Only US-Based Operators
No Accents
No Long-Term Contracts
Cancel Anytime

Tru-Live™ Phone Answering

Base Rates As Low As $42.00/mo.

Instead of a recording greeting your customer/client/patient, a cheerful, courteous and professional phone receptionist will answer your phone in your office name every time. Being very customizable, we will handle your calls the way you want them to be handled. We will come across as if we are in your front office answering your phones.

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24/7 Live AnsweringIncluded in every plan
Get Messages via EmailIncluded in every plan
Get Messages via SMSIncluded in every plan
Local Phone NumberIncluded in every plan
Long Distance CallsIncluded in every plan
Toll-Free Phone NumberAvailable as an add-on
Just a few of our clients
Mitsubishi ElectricMitsubishi Electric
Howard HughesHoward Hughes
American Red CrossAmerican Red Cross

You wouldn't pay for junk mail, why pay for junk calls?

We've been doing this a long time. Some of our competitors charge for things that we know are just part of the job - like dealing with prank calls, or sales pitches. We never charge our customers for these, or many other common annoyances.

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Hang-up callsNo Charge
Wrong number callsNo Charge
Fax tone callsNo Charge
Automated machine callsNo Charge
Telemarketing callsNo Charge
Prank callsNo Charge