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Customer Feedback

"I have done two test calls with the new services we have and the operators are doing an AWESOME job! I'm very pleased with the services and the professionalism of the operators! I missed a $1,000 job last week because no one was in the office to take the call and that's when I decided to use your services. Now I don't have to worry about missing calls."
— Jason B.
"By the way, just wanted you to know that we have been getting compliments on your service. Patients are saying that the staff is very helpful, particularly when scheduling appointments. It's nice to get this type of feedback!

Thanks so much for your service over the last 3-1/2 years. I love your staff!"
— Leta
"First, I would like to thank you and your company for the wonderful answering service.It has made a tremendous difference for my Real Estate Firm. It has saved time, stress, and it has improved my firm’s image. This service is well worth it. Thanks again."
— Michael D.
"The service that we receive from your company is outstanding; thank you for your services. We worked with another answering service and there was a lot to be desired from them. Thank you again."
— Valerie
"I have a new patient that is a Nurse Practitioner and works at a medical clinic. Today she asked me who answered my telephone and made my appointments. When I asked why she said: "They are very pleasant to deal with and totally professional. They sound confident and made me feel special and that I was in good hands." Then she asked for more information as she wants to propose to the clinic that she works at to consider using your services.

Please tell all the ladies that take care of my business that I routinely get compliments on them and professionalism is the common theme. I could not ask for more."
— Douglas
"I would like to convey that my time with Answering Specialists was memorable, rewarding and worth it's weight in gold. The individuals who answered my calls were always delightful, personable and very professional. I never had a client complaint, my messages were always timely and accurate. I will make every effort to refer your company to anyone who is in need of telephone answering services.."
— Judge Colley
"I have been in business since 1991 and have had several answering services. Your company by far is one of the best. Thank you for being affordable and addressing my needs as a business."
— Joe F.
"We are pleased with the service your company is providing - you're doing a fantastic job."
— Pamela
"I just wanted to start off by saying that we are extremely happy with the service that you guys have provided since we have switched to your company. The employees are always very pleasant and willing to help out. Also, you have been great at accommodating all our needs."
— All Commercial Landscape Service
"I just did a mock call (I used the name of Gary Olden) and the rep who answered was fantastic.  So much so, that I think I will add another campaign.  If the quality of the service on the calls are that good, then you will have a very satisfied client."
— Greg W.
"I wish to thank all of you for being soo accommodating to our changes. Your hard work and effort is greatly appreciated by all at Dempsey Oil. "
— Michael R.
"The operators were helpful and friendly. Just wanted to say Thank you!"
— Jessie
"Hi there again! We are sure loving having you! We appreciate you! No idea how splendid it is having you"
— Jenness
"I am so pleased with your service and the efficiency with which you operate. My clients think they are reaching my office, they have no idea we have an answering service!

My business has grown and I know some of that is in direct relation to your service. Smartest business decision I’ve ever made. I’ve made 2 referrals to other businesses as well. Selfishly, I don’t refer you to my competition because I want them to suffer with a lesser service."
— Brent