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What makes us the Best

Our history of customer satisfaction proves that our model works. How do we do it?

Small Operator Groups

We group our operators into small groups. This means that the number of operators answering your calls is kept to a select few. This group answers all of your calls - correctly- to your specifications thereby reducing mistakes. They become overly familiar with your account, how you want your calls handled, what is important to you, and deliver the level of service you expect.

All Calls Answered by a Live Operator

We never use automated equipment to answer your calls. We believe that if you are hiring a live answering service to represent your business - you should receive a live person. Most services have reverted to using automated equipment to answer your calls when they are busy instead of hiring more operators. We believe this is wrong and does not provide you with the service you deserve. We take pride in having intelligent and courteous operators answering each call we receive on your behalf.

I wish to thank all of you for being soo accommodating to our changes. Your hard work and effort is greatly appreciated by all at Dempsey Oil. — Michael R.

We Hire Only Mature Operators

We hire mature, competent and articulate operators to answer your calls. We never forget that our operators are answering your calls and representing your business. They are asked to make decisions regarding how each and every call should be handled. This requires operators with good memories who can multi-task, make good decisions while maintaining a professional demeanor. Our operators strive to meet this standard.

Fair and Clear Billing Practices

We only bill by the call, not by the minute. We bill in full month increments, not 25 or 28 day billing cycles as some do. We don't charge you every time you call to make changes to how your calls are handled. We provide you the flexibility to make changes to how your calls are handled - after all - it is your business we are representing.

Answering services from $42.00/mo.
*Approximately 39 cents per minute
Dial (805) 357-7625