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You wouldn't pay for junk mail,

Why Pay For Junk Calls?

We've been doing this a long time. Some of our competitors charge for things that we know are just part of the job - like dealing with prank calls, or sales pitches. We never charge our customers for these, or many other common annoyances. In rare cases where an account is mostly junk or spam, we do charge a discounted fee.

No Charge
number calls
No Charge
Fax tone
No Charge
Automated machine calls No Charge
Telemarketing calls No Charge
No Charge

I wish to thank all of you for being soo accommodating to our changes. Your hard work and effort is greatly appreciated by all at Dempsey Oil.

- Michael R.

answers all of your calls


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About Us

What makes us the Best

We have a well-trained and communicative operator network that is always ready to assist our customers in handling their accounts effectively. Our operators are not just individuals but an entire team working together to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. By having this team, we can provide personalised services to each account and make sure that every call is handled efficiently and professionally.

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Your callers will love phoning your office.

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    Get Messages via Email Included in every plan
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    24/7 Live Answering Included in every plan
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    Get Messages via SMS Included in every plan
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    Local Phone Number Included in every plan
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    Call Transfer/Patching Included in every plan
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    Message Archive Included in every plan
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    Toll-Free Phone No. Included in every plan
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    Long Distance Calls Included in every plan

Your call will always be answered by a friendly and professional phone receptionist who is familiar with your business and can answer questions or provide assistance based on your caller's specific needs. With our customisable service, we can ensure that each call is handled a way you prefer, making it feel like they are being attended to directly from your front office.


What Our Clients Say

Ebony WashingtonEbony Washington
18:32 17 Apr 24
The team goes over and beyond to assist our clients. I highly recommend
Al KnollAl Knoll
13:47 21 Mar 24
The Blue Spruce Inn & Suites in upstate NY has been continually pleased with the quality and professionalism of service that Answering Specialists has provided us over the years. Their warm and friendly manners give our guests the feeling that the representative on the other end of the line cares about their call. They capture the correct information in a timely fashion and relay it to out staff immediately. Thanks for providing great customer service!
Tim WelbaumTim Welbaum
18:39 28 Feb 24
As the owner of a mid-sized home care agency, I was hesitant to relinquish the direct communication with my clients and caregivers to a third party after hours. After seeing the stress melt away from my office staff due to the sheer number of non emergency calls eliminated after hours, it’s been worth every penny! Also, so affordable!! I would highly recommend this service as a must have in order to reduce the turn over among office staff due to the extreme stress of being on call after hours. If you’re considering, just do it. You’ll thank me and Answering Specialists, INC soon after ya do!!
Ahmad ZayedAhmad Zayed
19:38 07 Feb 24
We've worked with Answering Specialists for 4-5 years at least. Being in Hospice, I am glad and pleased with the type of service that is being provided when a patient or family member calls. Very compassionate and professional phone handlers, every time. Couple of hiccups over the years but always quickly resolved. Great service!
Johnny AdamsJohnny Adams
17:51 06 Feb 24
I have used this answering service for a long time. They provide a great service.
Steven MorrisSteven Morris
17:49 06 Feb 24
I have worked with Answering Specialists for years, I have always had great customer service and friendly operators. Great company to work with!
Chuck TomsonChuck Tomson
05:13 22 Dec 23
I have been in business in Bakersfield California since 1986 and many answering service. This is the best service I've ever used the delivery every call quickly My client also like there quite response