Basic Pricing

Contact us for more specifics applicable to your business.

Our pricing, listed below, and the quality service we provide is about the best in the industry. Should any comparable service be out there that lists and has more aggressive pricing, you will find us committed to meet or beat them. Prices quoted are in USD. Additional specialized services are available at an additional fee.
Tru-Live™ Phone Answering Services
Included in Plan Overages Monthly Rate
Emergency Plan None $5.00 / Call $36.95
Tier 1 None * 95¢ / Call $36.95
Tier 2 100 Calls / Mo. 95¢ / Call $94.95
Tier 3 150 Calls / Mo. 95¢ / Call $131.95
Tier 4 250 Calls / Mo. 95¢ / Call $208.95
Tier 5 500 Calls / Mo. 95¢ / Call $395.95
Tier 6 1000 Calls / Mo. 95¢ / Call $758.95
Tier 7 2500 Calls / Mo. 95¢ / Call $1,759.95
* Tier 1, our Pay-as-You-Go Plan, has a 25 call monthly minimum.

Fees applicable to all service plans include setup fee of $35.00 and an Annual Maintenance fee billed $39.00 Annually
Our basic service includes collecting the caller's name, company name, phone number, email address and detailed reason for their call and then without delay emailing/texting/faxing the message to you. If you are needing us to do more than the basic, the premium services are available to serve you.

Extra Services

Premium Services – Our Platform 75¢ / Minute
     Appointment Scheduling $45 Monthly Min. Each
     Data Entry - Form Filling
     Order Taking
     Q & A
     Service Ticket Creation
     Survey Taking

Premium Services – Your Platform 75¢ / Web Access Minute
     Appointment Scheduling $45 Monthly Min. / All included
     Data Entry - Form Filling
     Order Taking
     Q & A
     Service Ticket Creation
     Survey Taking

Custom Data Collection Flat Rate Per Call
     Per Customized Field 12¢ / Call
     Address Collection 30¢ / Call

On-Call Coordinator Service $25.00 / Month
Voicemail Services $14.95 / Month
VFax Flat Rate Pricing
     Incoming $21.95
     Outgoing $32.95

We are very customizable. If you have a special need, let us know. We most likely are doing it for another company and can do it for you too. We take pride in providing for you quality, customized phone answering service at pricing you can afford.
Through our online dashboard you will be able to keep track of who called and when and how many calls have come in. You will also be able to do historical searches, change your on-call schedule, or just easily pay your bill.
Try us out for a month. Like many other business owners, you may find that the savings that you experience with Tru-Live™ Phone Answering along with the new business coming your way from not missing a call will more than pay for the service!